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Children's electric cars have a lot of classification

Children's electric cars have a lot of classification, storage battery, electric cars, etc., it is also one of the children's favorite amusement of a children, children's electric cars are welcome is rapid, simple, but a bigger problem is children's electric power supply, maintenance issues, so children should be how to electric vehicle maintenance?

Children's electric cars use are sealed and maintenance-free lead-acid batteries, there are 6 v10ah, 6 v7ah, v4. 5 ah three.

After I receive my car, check the battery on the two wires have good, the battery and the power line of the car have good.Open the power master switch, remote control switch to remote locations, forward backward function checks with the remote control car.Or put the switch board to manually position forward backward function were examined with a foot switch.Make sure no problem and then read the instruction carefully, clear the matters needing attention and then recharge the car.

Note: the car charging shall be operated by the parent, the car, chargers, power supply in the baby cannot come into contact with the local, it is forbidden to children on the car charging operation.

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