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Now in the design of humanization

Now in the design of humanization in many products need to be reflected, and the same people in choosing a consumption of certain products, the first thought is the user experience, only the user experience good products, will be more popular.So for children's amusement, how to design more human?Zhengzhou sweet village amusement  below small make up to introduce to you!

Is first terrain, terrain changes can let children, dive in, slide and hide but to their surprise, so can use and strengthen the existing in the design of terrain elevation changes, or for the change of ups and downs of the terrain. If there are abrupt changes in slope, can consider to use terrain design slides. Flat on the ground can be used for sports venues, children than adults prefer on flat, open shop is on the ground, so that they can in the above play hopscotch, chasing each other.

Followed by water, children's amusement facilities design general mainly adopts the natural water body type, natural coastline and revetment for children of all ages can be hands-on training ability of the environment, water cannot too deep, according to age or height set different depth (20 to 50 cm) of the pool, in order to ensure the safety of the children.

Finally for games facilities, all facilities are in line with safety first, training and exercise the child's physical and adventure spirit for the purpose. Most of the instruments with wooden or metal artifacts, beheaded processing fruity, smooth edges and corners, stable structure, appropriate measure.

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